The most important thing is the weather...

There are a lot of programs for displaying the weather forecast on the screen of communicators running Windows Mobile. Smartphones based on Symbian S60 cannot boast of such an abundance, however, there are several utilities for them that can download the current forecast from the hydrometeorological server. Utilities for S60 smartphones of the second edition were described earlier, in this review we will focus on programs for smartphones of the latest generation.

The simplest is Dmitry Brukakis's Mobile Weather utility. Developer website - The program is free.

It allows you to download a two-day weather forecast for selected cities. Cities are added from the list (a country is indicated and a city is selected) or by a digital identifier from the Yahoo! Weather website.

There are practically no settings as such in the program. You can only select the update access point (GPRS/WCDMA/Wi-Fi supported), the update period (manual update, 15-30 minutes or 1-2 hours interval), and display the air temperature in Celsius/Fahrenheit. When changing the temperature format, the data must be updated - there is no automatic transition from one number system to another.

In the forecast data, the cloud cover status (in the form of an icon), wind direction and speed, air temperature, and sunrise and sunset times are available.

For all the scarcity of downloadable data, the program has one indisputable advantage - it is distributed free of charge.

World Mate

The developer is MobiMate. The developer's website is The annual subscription to the program is $29.95. When installing the demo version of the program, the forecast update is available for one month. After it expires, a subscription is required.

MobiMate releases a similar product for various platforms. The version for communicators based on Windows Mobile is the most functional.

The options for Symbian S60 smartphones have been retained.

You can display the current time for up to five selected cities on your smartphone screen. The function is purely decorative - there is no possibility to set reminders for all cities. Directly adjacent to the time display function is a map with the distribution of daylight hours for the western and eastern hemisphere.

A five-day weather forecast is displayed on the screen, in which only air temperature and cloud cover are present. All data is downloaded from There is no way to view detailed information. That is, according to this parameter, the World Mate program is inferior even to the free Mobile Weather utility.

The rest of the program's features are not directly related to the weather forecast and are of interest only to frequent travelers. These include flight status and LG G7 ThinQ 64 GB Gray currency converter. Among the status of flights there are no data on Russian companies, and the process of obtaining data is done very poorly. To get information about a flight, you need to know its number and airline. At the same time, even for correctly entered data, information is often not available.

Currency Converter allows you to download the current conversion rate between US Dollar, Euro and British Pound. There is no possibility to change the conversion list or add other currencies.

Thus, in terms of obtaining information about the weather forecast, the World Mate utility is inferior to the free Mobile Weather in terms of the amount of information received and the convenience of work. Additional features are very specific. Therefore, it is difficult to recommend the program as a permanent source of data, especially given its very high cost.

Handy Weather

The developer is Paragon Software Group. Developer website -

One of the few utilities that has a Symbian Signed certificate. The price of the program is $14.95 or 450 rubles.

The program allows you to download a five-day weather forecast, for each day you can view a detailed description. On the screen, you can display a graph of changes in day and night temperatures, the weather at the current time for any of the cities included in the list.

When displaying a five-day forecast, only the air temperature is displayed. When switching to a detailed forecast, you can get information about the state of cloudiness (precipitation), wind speed and direction, and ultraviolet index. The graph of temperature changes is displayed separately for day and night. The graph view is changed through the function menu. The current weather forecast can be sent via SMS or email.

In terms of functionality, the Handy Weather program is the best of those described in the review. It is she who allows you to receive detailed information about the weather forecast for five days. At the same time, it has an intuitive interface and the most simple settings. By setting the weather update frequency once and specifying an Internet access point, you can always have the latest data. To download forecast data, the server is used for cities in Russia and neighboring countries.

Common shortcomings of all the programs described in the review

At the same time, all the programs described in the review have a number of common and very significant shortcomings. None of the above utilities allows you to select a server for downloading data. It is set by default, so the downloaded data may differ from the predicted ones quite strongly. Several times I had to deal with a situation when it was raining outside, and the weather forecast indicated a clear sky. However, the last drawback relates rather to the accuracy of the forecast itself on the server - the program only displays the downloaded data.

The second disadvantage related to the peculiarities of the organization of work with displaying data on the screen is the impossibility of displaying the forecast on the main screen in the standby mode. Despite the fact that the Handy Weather program has a screensaver that can be set as a standard screen saver, it practically does not solve the problem. The existing power-saving system extinguishes the picture on the screen quickly enough, and including the utility in the list of applications for Active standby mode will only display a shortcut from the application, and not the data itself. Perhaps this requirement will seem superfluous to some, but for Windows Mobile-based communicators, this feature is available for almost all weather forecast utilities.

Nokia N80 IE and N93 smartphones provided by Nokia were used in the description of the utilities.