Pornographers on the warpath

Have you ever seen pornography? What about your child? In our team, Serezha Potresov sometimes has to deal with this or that manifestation of pornography, when regular scammers from operators collect money by selling such content. We have repeatedly written about this and will continue to write so that companies do not think that they are allowed everything and everything in the pursuit of the ruble. Recently, the site published an article “New Year's operator surprises, part two”, in which Sergey mentioned an extremely impudent spam mailing, a scam for gullible subscribers. Let me quote the material:

Content scam or business in Russian

In general, a small episode of a long series of SMS-scams, nothing special. Honored with the first lines in the publication solely because of the scale and rare impudence. On Sunday afternoon, almost all specialized telecom forums featured "hot news":

“Mobile operators have a hole! Apparently this is a working bug in some kind of service or promotion. It looks like a code for a payment system from vending machines. About 95 rubles (or about $ 3) comes to the account of the sender of the SMS. The very cost of sending SMS is according to the internal tariffs of operators (almost all have 1 rub.). The service may be unstable. If SMS is not sent, try sending later. Use it until the shop is closed ;) SMS to the number: 1171. Message text: +tlt Billing Write the text of the message exactly as it is written, the word Billing with a capital letter.

Oh, these "holes", "bugs" and other "balance doublers", people are greedy for such gifts, and scammers willingly take advantage of this. Of course, no 95 rubles. will not come to the account, you just pay 168 rubles. 15 kop. for the message sent to the short number. And some especially gullible individuals will pay twice and thrice - it is not for nothing that the “well-wisher” warns about the unstable operation of the “service” and recommends trying again. The trick is also that money for such messages is debited an hour and a half after sending the SMS, you can have time to send it before the personal account turns blue. The time of the mass placement of lures on the forums is also chosen correctly, on Sunday evenings the moderators are good-natured and inattentive. The “gift” was not spared by our website, but the moderator worked too quickly, they didn’t even have time to discuss this matter properly. However, the conclusion is obvious: if you have extra money, buy sausages and feed stray dogs. They are also hungry, but compare favorably with some "content providers" in that they do not cheat and do not steal.

Maybe I wouldn't write about all this, but another porn merchant was found on the same short number, and we always advertise these guys with pleasure. So we make the lowest request to the direct owner of the short number (content provider "First Alternative"): sort out your business and take action. It is clear that money does not smell, and you “adore non-standard approaches”, but sometimes you need to look at what and how your ward partners are trading on your behalf. Moreover, the trade in child pornography is fraught with trouble not only for the "playful partner", but also for his aggregator. In fairness, we note: the telephone number of the "First Alternative" is present on the site, dialing (two attempts) without problems, and round-the-clock technical service. support seems to react with understanding.

Reaction of the First Alternative

When Sergei wrote about the arrogance of those who send spam, he apparently did not foresee what would happen next. And then the aggregator company, which de facto, in general, had nothing to do with this story, sent us a CLAIM. That's it with these letters and like that.

We are posting the original file, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with it.

The absurdity of the claim is good, but the main thing is the aplomb with which it's all done. And helping law enforcement, and all that. In a word, we abused the cute creation in the form of a content provider. I don’t want to analyze this “CLAIMS” point by point, but there is no need.

In the billing of operators on our accounts, requests for the number of this content provider have been preserved, in which the words porn appear, as well as response messages in which there is access to sites with pornography. There are also downloaded files themselves, which, in my unpretentious opinion, contain the most natural pornography and nothing else.

Whether this "smart" content provider found a loophole in the law or not, I don't know. Another thing is that the agreement with the operators provides for a clause according to which the distribution of pornography automatically cancels this agreement. The main line of defense of the content provider will be a rebuttal, they say, we can’t keep track of all our partners, someone may have violated our terms, we also have “NO” written in large letters in our contract. The trick is good, but the problem is that in the body of SMS messages the commands contain words derived from the word porn, and here it’s impossible to close your eyes, since the engineers set up billing on a short number and saw all this more than once.

It upsets me that people who distribute pornography have lost all fear and are not afraid of anything. It seems to Health & Beauty in Lekki that they consider Russian laws not valid for them. Well, for our part, we turned to all the Big Three operators for comments. We're wondering how their business ethics fit in with the distribution of pornography involving their networks. One of the operators reacted with lightning speed and has already begun to analyze this situation. Well, we will inform you about what will happen.