Promotions and discounts guide №149

Summer days are coming to an end, and already absolutely all stores, one way or another, are preparing for the autumn season of sales. The crisis in the production of global electronics affects the market, but, as everyone is well aware, brands and retail chains will lose more than if they stubbornly hold on to maximum margins if they do not depict a flurry of activity in discounting goods. So there are sales now and will be in the future, and you just have to live with high prices even during the discount season. And we traditionally continue our reviews of the electronics market in federal networks.

ZTE has announced price cuts for its new smartphones. The offer will be of interest to those who are going to upgrade their device, but did not plan to overpay much. Smartphones from this Chinese manufacturer from the ZTE Blade line are presented in the mainstream and budget segments, and until September 5 they will have a significant discount. The headliners of the sale are the ZTE Blade A71 and ZTE Blade A51 models. The first one is discounted from 10,990 rubles to 9,990 rubles, and the second, depending on the configuration, will cost 7,990 rubles (for the version with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory) or 8,490 rubles (for the version with 64 GB of internal memory) instead of the usual 8,990 and 9,490 rubles. These are affordable smartphones with excellent performance, stylish design, large screens and high-capacity batteries that provide reliable operation throughout the day.The discount is also provided for the ZTE Blade A5 2020 and ZTE Blade A51 Lite models, which will drop to 7,490 rubles instead of the usual 7,990 rubles, and the ZTE Blade A31, which can be purchased for less than 7,000 rubles. This device, despite the low cost, received quite high specifications, including an eight-core processor, the performance of which is helped by the lightweight Android Go OS. You can buy devices at these prices from ZTE partners, including all the largest Russian retailers and mobile phone operators.


M.Video is one of the networks that cooperate with ZTE, but this applies equally to all the others, so if you are interested in discounts from the block above, you can use them in M.Video as well, both in Citylink and in the salons of operators. I will not repeat myself, but rather go directly to the offers of this store. And there is something to see here. M.Video has extensively updated the entire line of promotional offers, although the most interesting are still not promotions from the store itself, but the broadcast of discounts and MAXI 32 "Inch Led Full HD (32D1240) Low Voltage Warranty gifts from brands. And, like in the old days, mainly offers from Samsung and Huawei with Honor compete here.On the side of the first are announcements of new products that are immediately offered with gifts that are nothing more than a hidden discount.For pre-ordering smartphones, you can get a cover-cover with an electronic pen S Pen and a Samsung Care+ certificate for display replacement within a year at Samsung Authorized Centers for the Galaxy Z Fold3, and a Samsung Care+ certificate for the Galaxy Z Flip3.If you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Watch4, you will receive a wireless charger as a gift. There are also gifts for pre-orders.If you order it on a nova 8 smartphone, you will receive Huawei FreeBuds Pro headphones in addition to it.But the biggest discount offers remain on the release marketed laptops under the Huawei and Honor brands. In both cases, it is stated that you can save up to 20 thousand rubles. Moreover, in the case of Honor, in addition to laptops, the discount applies to smart watches and smartphones.

In addition to Samsung and Huawei, Xiaomi and Logitech also got discounts at M.Video. I'll start with the last one, since the action there is quite simple. If you choose computer accessories of this brand, you can save a thousand rubles. The condition is simple - it must be a set of a Logitech G213 keyboard and a Logitech G102 mouse of any color. Together they will cost 5,990 rubles, while without a discount, the keyboard alone will cost 4,990 rubles. Xiaomi has a large savings (declared - up to 20 thousand rubles, but this is summed up to the maximum), but is furnished with different conditions depending on the chosen smartphone. In addition to the discount, you can get Mi TWS 2 Basic headphones for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 smartphone and Mi TWS 2 Basic headphones or the Mi Band 5 fitness tracker to choose from for the Xiaomi Mi 10T smartphone.

This is about promotions from brands. There are actually three sales in M.Video. The first and, probably, the main one is the “school sale” “School Epic Sale”. That is, in general, this is their usual sale, but with some touch of binding to the beginning of the school year. As usual, there are a lot of goods that have little to do with studying or teaching, but that's the way it is. The second is the sale of computer accessories, or rather, those devices that M.Video lists among them. Variation "Hurry up to buy", but also by September 1. The third is the sale of TVs. As usual, a mixture of models that are more than a year old, models for which the manufacturer has reduced the price tag, etc. By the way, not only TVs, acoustics, TV accessories and various equipment got here.


In the Beeline salons, on the one hand, there seems to be nothing new. On the other hand, the old stock has been significantly improved. It's all about the same trade-in. The offer is used by many stores, it has thoroughly taken root in the Russian market, it has become one of the promotions that go on almost constantly. What then is interesting in the proposal of "Beeline"? And here's what. By handing over an old device, you get a discount not only on a new smartphone, but also on communication services as a gift. That is, the promotion, in fact, is two in one: you get a guaranteed benefit (you can rent smartphones, tablets, push-button phones, USB modems and mobile Wi-Fi routers in any condition: broken and not available for redemption under the standard trade-in scheme ) plus bonuses that can be spent on paying for communication services. How it works? You can choose a smartphone from the list on the Internet, or you can immediately go to an offline store, but in the first case, you won’t get rid of visiting the salon, since the promotion only involves an order with pickup. In the Beeline salon, a representative of the company will evaluate your old device, sum up its cost with a guaranteed discount, and at the checkout you will receive a discount on a new smartphone. Further, after the purchase, you will automatically receive a gift option "Rubles for communication for a promotion" of the denomination corresponding to the selected smartphone. They can be used to pay for the tariffs of the "Close People" and "Close People+" lines, as well as "To the maximum!", "To the maximum! +" and "SuperCITY" (for Moscow and the Moscow region). Possible bonus denominations are 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 rubles, which you can spend within six months. The offer is valid until September 19th. However, if you place an order for self-delivery, September 19 is the deadline when you can exchange your old device for a new one.