Promotions and discounts guide №113

Valentine's Day would be the most controversial holiday in Russia if November 7 had not been canceled, and especially zealous guardians of morality did not see Halloween as propaganda of Satanism and undermining Orthodox foundations. However, let's not talk about those who propose replacing February 14 with an incomprehensible alternative with Peter and Fevronia - not only is this story very indirectly related to Valentine's Day (those who wish can re-read The Tale of Peter and Fevronia of Murom in the very brief retelling), so it also does not cause any commercial excitement. And since we are interested in discounts and gifts, it is appropriate just to talk about Valentine's Day - the majority still prefers to give gifts on this day, which means they buy before that. Here's where, how and what you can buy as a gift by February 14 at a discount, and we'll talk.


Let's start, perhaps, with Beeline, since the stores of this operator are lured by an extremely attractive (at least in name) offer: "Samsung smartphones at half price." We all love Samsung, and giving your soulmate one of them for half the price should love even more. After all, it would be cool to save on some equally pleasant addition as much as half the cost of the device. However, the promotion has certain restrictions that dictate what will need to be presented along with the smartphone.To get a 50% discount on the cost of the device (only Galaxy A models participate in the promotion), you need to choose accessories in the amount of 1,145 rubles or more (depending on the smartphone model) and add a tariff package to this, which will allow you to reach the coveted 50% discounts. Taking into account the fact that the tariffs are offered from a very successful family of "Close people", the savings will really work out. And the funds saved on communication can then be spent for six months on flowers or beer, depending on who you gave the phone to. The offer is valid only for offline purchases (including pickup) and until March 15.

Since we started with Beeline, then let's go and see what other operators offer. MTS has the saddest choice of stocks by February 14th. You can place a pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, or you can wait until Peter and Fevronia come to replace Valentine, until then something interesting will definitely appear in MTS stores. In the meantime, we note only promotions that the vast majority of other official retailers have - a Huawei Band 4e fitness bracelet as a gift with the purchase of a Huawei Y6s smartphone and an Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet as a gift with a pre-order of the Honor 20 LiTE smartphone. The first will last right up to March 8, but the second ends literally today. But it has a plus - you get a 5% discount on a smartphone with a full pre-order payment via the Internet, and another 10% of the cost of a smartphone will come as bonuses under the MTS Cashback program when the phone is actually delivered.


MegaFon didn't come up with anything special for Valentine's Day either, but at the beginning of the month two interesting promotions started. As a gift for the holiday, of course, they are unlikely to suit someone, but it would be wrong not to say about them. The first of them is the traditional opportunity to receive an operator subsidy for a smartphone. The offer is valid for the Xiaomi Redmi Go model – as part of the promotion, its price can be 1,990 rubles. To do this, it must be purchased with one of the “Turn On” tariff packages, to which the “2,000 promotional rubles” option must be connected. The second promotion is also about Xiaomi phones.But it is designed to stimulate buyers' interest in the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. Unfortunately, MegaFon decided not to give a direct discount on the device, but to offer it together with the state employee Xiaomi Redmi 7A (16Gb). Moreover, a prerequisite is the presence of a connection to the “Turn on” tariff: “Write”, “Speak”, “Have fun”, “Communicate”, “Choose”, “Watch”, “Premium” (it can be done on a second smartphone , if you do not want to lose your archived tariff plan), as well as connecting and paying for the “1,000 promotional rubles” option. All together, this makes MegaFon's offer not as interesting as it could be. Especially if someone wants to compare the price of Redmi Note 8 Pro in a Russian store with AliExpress.


If we talk about large retailers offering the entire range of electronics, then the situation in them is as usual before the holiday. Promotions are announced, but the prices are far from always attractive enough, even with the discount. In addition, as usual, not all sections that look like an attractive offer for buying gifts are discount promotions. You should definitely stay away from them, because under the guise of gifts, they are most often filled with goods that, for some reason, the trading network has despaired of selling. A mixture of the first and second options looks like a promotion from M.Video "Gifts to loved ones with discounts up to 50% and cashback up to 10%". I think that no one doubts that the cashback is just Waterproof Smart Watches & Trackers in Nigeria bonuses, and a 50% discount can only be found on some case that was put up at a multiple inflated price. However, this does not mean that the promotion does not offer anything good at all. It's just that the best offers within its framework correspond to the most common prices, which already operate in federal retail. They are good, but there is nothing below the market for this stock. By the way, "cashback" of 10% is not a record for the next week for M.Video. For some promotional products, the refund in the form of bonuses to the loyalty card is 15%. You can pay with them up to 50% of the next purchase.

Not unique, but a good discount in M.Video is offered for the vivo V17 smartphone. In honor of the release of its version in the "Shining Night" coloring, its cost has been reduced to 19 thousand rubles. The model at the same time participates in the promotion with a 10% cashback bonus. Until February 14, there is a 100% discount on the second Sony WI-C310 headphones. Just for those who like to share everything, the option of buying two identical headphones may come up, provided that the model is the same, but they have a different color. In this option, the price of two pairs will be 1,990 rubles, and another 199 rubles will be returned as bonuses. A more masculine gift is the GoPro HERO8 Black or HERO7 Black action cameras. And they will come with a gift until February 24th. When buying a camera, one accessory as a gift can be a case, mount, charger, monopod or something else.


“Eldorado” approached February 14 thoroughly. A whole bunch of promotions with a selection of gifts and just promotions that promise certain discounts. The sections with gifts “for him” and “for her” are full of goods that seem to be at a discount, but just clearly demonstrate that this is not a discount, but a general decrease in the cost of goods for the market - everything can be found without any promotions. So let's not talk about it. The easiest way to see what Eldorado discounts prices for is in the "#EldoSALE" section. There will be the most comprehensive information, just do not forget that the discount is drawn from the previous price in this network, and not from the market. The network is also reviving the VAT refund campaign so beloved by the late MediaMarkt. However, here we are not talking about a discount, but about the fact that bonuses in the amount of VAT will be credited to your loyalty card. Those. these are ordinary bonuses, nothing more.

Several promotions in Eldorado are a broadcast of brand offers, they can be found in all stores that are engaged in official sales (do not forget that brands most often give their discounts only to large networks, during such promotions, purchase goods in small shops would be a completely unreasonable decision):

Of Eldorado's own (or having unique features) promotions, I would note an additional discount on LG TVs under the Recycling program. The promotion assumes the ability to choose between bonuses and a discount of up to 35%. So, you have to be very careful. In the list of promotional models there are TVs that are more profitable to buy by setting aside funds for the next purchase - in this case, you will be credited with up to almost 10 thousand rubles, and the instant discount can be only 2 thousand. And vice versa - the recycling bonus will knock off more than 20 thousand rubles from the cost, and there will be only 9,998 bonuses. Here is such a mysterious arithmetic.

Eldorado also has a couple of interesting offers for Huawei. You can choose two from the promotional list of goods, and then the one that is cheaper will receive a discount of 20% of its value. It doesn't matter how big the difference between the two products is. Although only the P30 Pro is really expensive on the list, all the rest are cheaper than 20 thousand rubles (if you don’t remember from Huawei Nova 5T). The second proposal concerns the novelty of the Russian market Huawei Mate 30 Pro. If you are interested in this device with Russian certification (it does not add missing Google services to it), then Eldorado is ready to offer it to you at a discount of 7 thousand rubles (using a promotional code) or give a two-year installment plan (i.e. a discount in the amount of interest paid on the goods). A very geeky gift.


Citilink does not prepare for Valentine's Day in any way, they are already picking up gifts for February 23. The story is the same as everywhere else - only a careful check of the selected product in comparison with the prices of other stores can tell you whether you are saving or not. Otherwise, there is a standard set of promotional offers, some of which are unique, and some are broadcasts of the general market discount:

Not all of these promotions are suitable when looking for gifts, but you can still look at those that bring loyalty bonuses, if, of course, you are a regular Citilink customer. We traditionally leave out purely bonus promotions.

The DNS trading network also has a separate section for "gifts for loved ones". Visitors to the site have already noted that kitchen knives and floor scales were among those. Of course, there is nothing of the kind in either one or the other, but a wild imagination will always help you complete the darkest and most sophisticated pictures, although according to the canons of detectives, the butler should still be the killer. There is no need to look for discounts in this section, they have been saved in other places.

In the computer section, there are discount offers for DEXP PCs with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365 office suite, which will be valid until February 23rd. The same goes for the AMD-based versions of these PCs. As usual, you can only compare DEXP indirectly, this is already one of the most budget offers on the market, if we talk about ready-made assembly options. If you prefer more famous brands, then you can look towards Acer monoblocks - they also have “attractive prices” until February 23. But the HP monoblocks were considered, probably, to a greater extent unisex, so they did not limit them on February 23, but extended the discount until March 9. If we talk about laptops, then only Huawei MateBook D14 was among the promotional ones. It is not yet sold on our market, but those who pre-ordered it in DNS until February 14 inclusive are promised to give out a Huawei T5 10 tablet as a gift. the site was set correctly.

An equal choice of stocks in the DNS awaits those who will choose smartphones:

There are mandatory minimum discounts on console and PC games from Electronic Arts, from SoftClub and from UbiSoft. The conditions are exactly the same as in any other federal network. As with the accessory giveaways for GoPro HERO7 and HERO8 buyers (unlike many DNS promotions, this one only requires the purchase of branded accessories in order to receive a discount equal to its value). Without frills, they repeat Huawei's offer for tablets (up to 3 thousand rubles of a discount until March 9). And if anyone else uses inexpensive MP3 players, then until March 31, DNS will give them a branded Walkman case for storing and transporting the gadget when buying Sony Walkman NW-WS623 and NW-WS413 players.


Svyaznoy is preparing for both February 14 and February 23. So to speak, so as not to be late everywhere and to be nice to everyone. On the 14th, they offer not only to buy phones with discounts, but also to receive cashback. As for discounts, I'm not entirely sure that the declared figures and the prices set are not purely marketing manipulations with arithmetic, but the refund to the "Corn" card is still really a cashback. As part of this promotion, it can be 14% of the price of the purchased goods. By February 23, Svyaznoy offers to receive a discount only for those who will buy sets. These are various combinations, compiled according to the principle of "the main gadget and some accessory to it." The maximum discount for such a set is 30% of the price of the set. Due to the limited list of accessories, this promotion is not the best of its kind, but it is clear that they tried.

There are other options with gifts. Until February 29, when buying PocketBook e-books from the list, you can get a cover as a gift. Until March 15, when buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e or Tab S6 tablet, Samsung AKG Y100 headphones will be a gift. But the general action for everyone with GoPro HERO7 and HERO8 in Svyaznoy was cut - the original charger will always be a gift, the offer does not apply to other accessories. Just as they made changes to the pre-orders of Honor 20 Lite. Making your intentions to buy this smartphone brings 3,500 rubles to the "Corn" card. An honest 20% discount is given when buying Samsung Galaxy Buds (until March 10), but on Vivo smartphones they give a discount of 1 thousand rubles only if the old device is trade-in. Although the Svyaznoy website claims that this is an additional discount, in reality, the cost reduction was carried out by the Vivo brand itself, so all official sales should go at lower prices than before.

Do you know anything else about discounts by February 14? Welcome to the comments!