Promotions and discounts guide №103

The school year has begun, which in our case means not only a significant decrease in tension in the network controversy, but also the final stage of "school" sales. However, it is impossible not to notice that this year the seasonal nature of the shares is not so pronounced. What was reflected in the first autumn selection of the "Promotions and Discounts Guide". In general, we can say that almost all retail chains in the coming days and weeks mainly offer profitable promotions only for loyalty programs. There are relatively few direct discounts, but there are many offers that will give you either increased bonuses for your purchase, or some kind of certificate that will allow you to reduce costs in the future. It makes no sense to write specifically about each such proposal. If you are a member of the loyalty program of one of the federal retailers, then it makes sense to look at the site. If not, perhaps this is a reason to become one and regularly donate your hard-earned money not just to the market, but to a specific seller.

When I said that there are no traditional post-school sales, it was in no way referring to Sony. Traditions are honored here in a samurai way, so every year, by the beginning of the training cycle, discounts are rolled out on the game section of the store. So that the parents of future honors students can provide them with such important things in their studies as new game consoles, gamepads and games in advance. This year, the offer only applies to the PlayStation 4, but this is not surprising. This promotion is also broadcast by all official Sony partners in Russia, which means that it is not necessary to contact the Sony Store, M.Video, Eldorado, DNS, and any smaller retailer will do. The special offer will last until September 15.


Beeline has a serious promotion for serious buyers. Because it is aimed exclusively at those who are going to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or its older brother Galaxy Note 10+. They need old phones. Because at Beeline, anyone who trades in an old device receives an additional discount on a new smartphone in the amount of 10,000 rubles. Only devices that won’t turn on, won’t charge, won’t connect via USB cable, have a swollen battery, a deformed case, or are blocked, or are not original devices at all, will not work. Also, if the discount is not enough, you can purchase the device on credit (this will require Russian citizenship, work experience of at least 3 months and an income of 5 thousand rubles). Loan term - from 10 to 24 months.


For the second time in a row, it turns out that after cleaning the offers of the Eldorado network from the husks, such as the endlessly ongoing "Utilization" or the broadcast of brand shares for a couple with additional bonuses, which, of course, can only be spent if Jupiter is in Virgo, there is practically nothing left. Today, among the interesting offers - only discounts on sets of satellite TV "Tricolor". Discounts are significant, but against the background of regular promotions, when a set of equipment goes to the TV as a gift, they are not very impressive.


The M.Video online store has not gone too far from Eldorado. There are two notable promotions here. The first is the opportunity to get Tekken 7, Dark Souls 3 and Ace Combat 7 on PC as a gift. Such an offer is available for buyers of Samsung monitors until the end of this month. The most budget monitors in the promotion cost about 14 thousand rubles, so the store follows the rule about a gift of 1/10 of the purchase price. The second option is more significant. Until October 31, M.Video gives a discount on ASUS UX 391 series laptops. The minimum discount is 5,000. The maximum is 16 thousand. But you need to be careful, because the stock also includes goods that have a markdown. You also need to mark one message that is not a promotion. The M.Game store from M.Video will be present at the IgroMir 2019 exhibition, which will offer and Na`Vi gaming merch, collectible figurines, and more. Also, it is M.Video that will show a demo version of the new DOOM at this exhibition.

MTS is another network that continues promotions for the academic year. Only here is an offer for the youngest students. More precisely, of course, for their parents. Until the end of 2019, the offer “Buy a watch for children together with a special set “Smart device” and get a connection for them forever” is valid. It sounds, you see, tempting. However, everything is not so simple. First, you still have to pay. To receive a discount on the "Smart Device" package and the "Additional package of 200 minutes" option, you need to put an amount on the SIM card that raises the account balance to 1,500 rubles. Only in this case everything will work, and you will receive a 100% discount on the subscription fee. It includes 230 minutes of calls, 100 SMS and 200 MB of internet per month. When the resource is exhausted, money will be debited from the account. Secondly, the package can only work in children's watches. There are not so many of them to choose from MTS: several models from Elari and Aimoto. The price range is from one and a half to five thousand rubles, taking into account the promotional discount. But there are also pluses. If for some reason you move the SIM card from the children's watch to another device, the package will be disabled. But when you return to children's hours, the package will be restored. If you or your child accidentally switches a plan, it can also be restored by simply selecting the plan again. However, the package for 200 minutes will have to be connected manually in this case.

Also, since the beginning of August, MTS has changed the conditions of the MTS Cashback promotion. If earlier it was an honest cashback, which, albeit not in the best way, could still be turned into real money and safely spent outside of MTS services, now it is closer to traditional loyalty programs. The only difference is that these bonuses have a rather intricate accrual system, depending on the specific method of making a purchase, as well as a nice addition in the form of an infinite lifetime and the ability to pay up to 100% of the purchase with bonuses. Well, like all operators, there is an opportunity to simply pay for communication with these bonuses. Against the background of alternatives from other retail chains - very good. But comparing with the previous system simply does not make sense.


But in Svyaznoy, the Kukuruza, inherited from Euroset, has not yet been thrown at the bit, so this system of accumulating bonuses still really resembles a cashback in the classical sense. As a result, if all stores have a cashback promotion for JBL Tune 120TWS headphones as a way to get only bonuses, then Svyaznoy can consider this a real discount of 1,000 rubles. The offer is valid until September 30th. There are also remnants of offers in Svyaznoy by September 1. This is a 100% discount offer for the third accessory in the check. Yes, as usual, you must buy two at full price, and the store will give you the third, the cheapest one.The promotion is full of all sorts of little things that are useful in studies (and not only), and the beginning of the school year is the time when such an offer does not look uninteresting, because a lot of things are bought at once, which makes even such a small savings significant and easy to implement. Another way to save money that is relevant for parents is the opportunity to get an annual subscription to the Online Doctor service. At the same time, when buying a children's watch model, the subscription "Children's Doctor" will be automatically selected with an unlimited number of consultations with a pediatrician 24/7. If you choose an “adult” model, you can connect the Sport Life Plus service, which includes not only an unlimited number of online consultations with a therapist 24/7, but also the opportunity to consult with a sports doctor, endocrinologist and nutritionist by appointment. The cost of such a subscription without a promotion is from 3 thousand rubles. It is available for a promotion if you choose a smart watch from the GEOZON brand. And finally, about phones. Svyaznoy also has a special offer for them - until September 15, as part of the Super Swipe campaign, when buying a Samsung Galaxy A70 smartphone under the trade-in program, the old device will provide a discount on a new one up to 7 thousand rubles.


Citilink is this time the biggest source of promotions by the start of the school year. Both formally and in fact, there is a maximum selection of discounted goods that are really relevant for study. This is both a big promotion "Days of Discounts" until September 12, and a number of promotions for specific brands. "Super prices", of course, as usual, give only 10-15% discount from the regular price, but in general it's still not bad. Until September 24, there are discounts on Dell laptops and computers, and until September 10 - on Acer laptops. For the latter, the maximum discount is 3,000 rubles, which for some models means a discount of only 5% of the cost. But there is immediately a scattering of the same type of shares on TVs. A Visa card with a face value of 2,000 to 8,000 rubles can be obtained at Citilink when buying Samsung, Philips, Sony, and LG TVs. In fact, this is one promotion with the same conditions and for a period until September 10th. No promotional codes - the card is added to the basket automatically. The promotion with Lenovo tablets also works. Only here is a QIWI card and a face value of only 1 thousand rubles. A less profitable offer than for TVs, although it is valid right up to September 30th. It remains to note the offer for a discount on computer components and a gift in the form of headphones for a smartphone. In the first case, we are talking about a discount of up to 2,600 rubles when buying an Intel Core i-series processor at the same time as a Gygabite video card. In the second, you will be given wireless headphones with a Harper HB-510 microphone if you buy a Vivo V17 Neo smartphone. This is a normal bundle offer.

The DNS seems to be reading the editions of the Guide, so instead of a promotion with a frankly outdated 24-inch HD-Ready TV, they now offer an equally outdated, but at least Full HD model with a 32-inch diagonal. True, they are no longer giving it to buyers of TVs, but to buyers of smartphones. If you manage to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10+ before September 15 at DNS, then you will receive the Samsung LT32E310EX model as a load. So it would cost you 16 thousand, and so you can get it as a "profitable kit." There are no alternatives in the form of cash payments or the provision of discounts or certificates. Moreover, interestingly, in my opinion, a more useful and attractive offer in DNS is for the youngest model of the Galaxy S10 family. The Samsung Galaxy S10e comes with Marshall Major III wireless headphones as a gift. Formally, there is a gift for only 7 thousand rubles, but a wireless headset, albeit with a specific design, is much more appropriate and useful for a phone than a 32-inch TV of the 2016 model. There is also a profitable set of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e tablet with a 32 GB memory card from Samsung. No, the set is advantageous without quotes not by chance, despite the price of the card itself at 500 rubles. The fact is that with it the tablet becomes cheaper by 7 thousand rubles. The discount for Honor works in the same way. You get a discount not on a penny accessory in the form of a protective glass or lining, but on the purchased smartphone itself. Only 10%, but the models are up-to-date, so the savings are obvious.