Choosing a router for the Internet in the country and Beeline news

A small combination with the new tariff from Beeline, as well as thoughts about country Internet and a bicycle, inspired by the fact that I myself am now looking at options.

Ahead of the whole 10 days of the May weekend, which the government strongly recommends spending in the country, reducing social activity, as the third wave of coronavirus is just around the corner.

And if you are lucky and you have the opportunity to relax for 10 days from the hustle and bustle of a big city in nature, then you should take advantage of this offer.

In order to have a good vacation Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus 32 GB Purple, it is important to take care of two things - a bicycle and the Internet. The first will help to scurry quickly and boldly through the forests and fields. Well, without the Internet today it’s just nowhere - you can’t watch a movie, you can’t check your mail, you can’t even read a new book.

So, it's no secret that bicycles have risen in price. This is due to both increased demand and a shortage of spare parts due to the coronavirus. The venerable Kommersant FM radio reported that the cost of bicycles has increased by an average of 15-30%, depending on the price categories. And, apparently, the deficit will last throughout 2022. So the bike turns from a means of transportation into a luxury. By the way, have you noticed what cool bikes some delivery couriers ride? And, most importantly, they leave them at the entrance without fastening them. And no one steals for some reason! It's nice to live in a socially responsible city.

Perhaps, given the rise in prices, the easiest (well, actually, this is the second easiest option, but the first according to the law) to find a bike on some classifieds service. There's just now a surge of inexpensive but new options. Apparently, last year people bought, but realized that it was not for them. So it is quite possible to find a bike up to 10 thousand, which will brighten up the May holidays. And then sell it so that it does not take up space.

With the Internet, the question is, of course, more complicated. It seems that we live in the country of the victorious unlimited Internet, but operators diligently limit the distribution from a smartphone and make sure that the user does not rearrange the SIM card into a router or laptop. Recently I changed the tariff to MTS and found that now I can distribute only 10 GB for free. And then 80 rubles per day, and file-sharing networks immediately 5 GB for 75 rubles.

I can share with you my life hack when you need to distribute a lot of Wi-Fi from your phone. I started the tariff "Communication Z" from "Beeline". There, the user himself buys Internet packages, minutes and SMS and spends as much as he wants. For example, 50 GB of traffic for 550 rubles can be burned in a day or stretched for a whole year.

Router for home and garden

But outside the city, distributing the Internet from a smartphone is not the best option if there are more than 2 users. And a smartphone is not a router to constantly work in this mode. So, perhaps, you should take care of the idea of ​​​​buying a router with support for SIM cards or with a USB port that supports connecting a 4G modem. Then it will be possible to use the router both at home and in the country.

Choosing a router is not an easy task, but a pleasant and exciting one. This, of course, depends on what you need. A simple solution for a dacha or a powerful harvester to serve faithfully both in the dacha and at home.

You should also take into account that, most likely, you will have to get a separate SIM card for the router. For example, judging by the reviews, the same “Communication Z” tariff does not work in routers. The solution to the problem can be found at the end, in the "For the cunning" section.

Let's quickly run through the options.

Wi-Fi 6 + 4G

Wi-Fi 6 is here. Many new smartphones over $30,000 have Wi-Fi 6 support. And laptops aren't far behind. But the proposal is still lame. The combination of Wi-Fi 6 + support for a 4G modem, according to Yandex.Market, is now available only for ASUS routers. The company also has entry-level routers from 7.5 thousand rubles, but I suggest overpaying and taking the ASUS RT-AX82U Wi-Fi Mesh router.

First, look how handsome he is. This can be placed in the center of the room instead of a vase of flowers.

All other characteristics are also good. The maximum speed is up to 5378 Mbps, 512 MB of RAM, 4 antennas and the same number of 1 Gbps ports, there is a USB that supports 4G modems. This "crab" weighs as much as 740 grams. Reviews are written in the comments that it is better to check compatibility with 4G modems in advance. As I understand it, this issue will be resolved in the future with the release of a new firmware.

Wi-Fi 5 + 4G

If Wi-Fi 6 is not yet needed (and, in general, it is worth waiting for the expansion of the offer), then the choice is immediately significantly larger. For example, you can choose a router with 4G support. Given that you still have to switch to Wi-Fi 6 later, why pay more for a Wi-Fi 5 router now?

I suggest playing as safely as possible and buying a D-link DIR-825/R2, which costs even less than 4 thousand rubles. Firstly, an ideal option for a country router. Inexpensive, compact, and there is a good supply of power (and support for mesh networks) to make everyone comfortable. Weight - only 300 grams, so you can easily carry between the house and the cottage. And the router also works in 3G and 4G networks.

4 LAN ports, USB and all the fancy technologies like Transmit Beamforming and Multi-user MIMO.

Wi-Fi 5 + built-in 4G

The only drawback of the previous router is that in order to work in mobile networks, you need to connect a 4G modem to it. And you might want to have a built-in solution. On the one hand, the built-in modem is, of course, more convenient, and often it catches the network better than a USB modem, and you can also try to buy an external antenna for the router. On the other hand, you become less mobile, and the price of a router is higher. I would suggest betting on Zyxel, as this brand has never failed. But the price tag of about 15 thousand rubles for the right decision can upset.

I think a reasonable compromise is the TP-LINK Archer MR400 V1 for 7,300 rubles. Many just buy such a solution for giving. The only negative, for my taste, is the lack of USB. However, in the country this port is not really needed.

The tricky one and the pocket router

About the Internet Pro+ tariff

Beeline has a campaign about unlimited internet for summer cottages until August 31st. Under the promotion, you can take either a 4G / Wi-Fi router and a special tariff, or a 4G modem with a tariff. A package from a router and a SIM card was estimated at 2,500 rubles, a SIM card and a modem - for 1,990 rubles. The first month of the tariff as a gift. And then 900 rubles a month.

Alcatel MW45V, ZTE MF927U / MF90 / MF90+ / MF 920, Huawei E5573, Beeline S23 / L02H, Joys M8 routers are offered as equipment.

It is best to choose a model from ZTE, as it is primarily a cool pocket router with a free spirit, about which there is a lot of useful information on the forums.

ZTE MF927U supports a maximum speed of up to 150 Mbps, it does not have LAN connectors and USB ports for connecting additional equipment. However, this is a great solution for trips to the country or travel. The router has a built-in 2000 mAh battery. It lasts for 6-7 hours of work, while, if anything, the router can be powered both from a power outlet and from an external battery.

When purchasing a set, subscribers receive the Internet Pro+ tariff. This is just unlimited Internet, for which the SIM card can work in a router or laptop. You can download whatever you want.

There is an option to buy only a tariff if you already have a router or modem. Then for the first three months you will receive a 30% discount, that is, the price will be 630 rubles. Then 900 rubles, but then the summer ended.

Weekend rate

It's quite simple: 70 rubles per day and full unlimited. The official description does not even say that they will cut torrents. Given the 10 days of holidays, it is more profitable, of course, to take either a kit or Internet Pro +, but if the dacha is visited occasionally, then the daily rate is not a bad thing.


At the last event, Beeline said that this year will be held under the slogan of improving the quality of communication in the Moscow region. So it is logical that they came up with a campaign on this topic.

When compared with other operators, the advantage of Beeline is that the operator offers unlimited and does not cut traffic in file-sharing networks. Obviously, such generosity is associated primarily with the modernization and expansion of the network, when additional capacity appears. Accordingly, while there is an opportunity (and if Beeline has a good reception in your main places of stay), you should use it.

In this micro-selection, my favorite is the router from D-Link, as it offers an excellent set of functions for minimal money. And the router will be able to work both in the country and in a city apartment. Along the way, I plan to talk with ASUS about testing their routers.

Beeline's promotional idea when buying a set looks quite profitable, given that you can always stop paying for the tariff and there are no obligations.